Digital Vault (Document Management System)

Digital Vault is a high-performance, intuitive document management system that offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized companies and large organizations. It can help any kind of organization anywhere in the world gain control over their documents, with a particular focus on fast content retrieval and business process automation.


Document Control

Document control softwares are one of the key components towards developing the ideal office automation system. Most of the business organizations still rely on a back office co-ordinator to handle all the documents that are generated from within or outside the organization. The primary job of the co-ordinartor is to get the necessary documents signed and approved by concerned authorities before scanning and uploading them into them into the central repository.

However, this is not really the best way to utilize an online document management system. The underlying objective of most organizations is to minimize manual labor and maximize automation.

With the help of a workflow, the job of the back office co-ordinator can be done away with by most organizations. A workflow is a flowchart depicting the direction in which the information/request/complaint is going to move when it is initiated. With easy drag and drop workflows incorporated into the DMS Software, you can design workflows of your choice and automate most office procedures.

Hence, in order to get a travel reimbursement approved, the back office co-ordinator need not run around offices trying to get their signatures in the form. The initiator needs to attach the word format of the form to the workflow and keep tabs on the progress of the same. From sms alerts to mail notifications, everything can be incorporated into the software so as to streamline and smoothen the entire procedure.


Document Storage Systems


very time somebody talks about document storage, the first thing that comes to people’s mind are warehouses full of document-filled boxes. However, with the emergence of electronic document management system, most organizations are now more inclined towards availing the same rather than opting for rather conventional document storage systems.

There are multiple types of electronic document storage systems but the most effective is the online document storage. Some start up businesses might opt for storing their documents in the hard disk of their personal device while others would save it in a central repository which can be accessed by people logged into the network.

However, business organizations that have multiple off site vendors are more likely to opt for an online document storage system which will help them share, access and download documents with them easily. Any user logged into any network can have access to the documents if they successfully clear the security clearances. However, an online document storage system required the highest level of security as compared to that of local document storage.

Even medical and pathological companies are using an online document storage system which helps them share test results with patients with relative ease. The patient needs to have security clearances to be certain that the test results are not being obtained by somebody else.

Email Management

The management of emails in today’s world has become one of the most important tasks in any organization. Most business organizations, from small to medium, depend highly on emails as their primary mode of communication within the organization as well outside.

Email management helps streamline various office processes and thereby significantly reduces the turnaround time in completing an audit function or any other for that matter. Recent legislations have made it mandatory to furnish documentation in court if they are asked to do so.

Email archiving is one of the key aspects of email management. With the help of email archiving, companies can keep backup of every mailing record that they have very effectively without having to rely upon PST files. There always remains a possibility of the PST files getting corrupted and hence archiving provides a better alternative when it comes to easy backup and retrieval of emails.

The evolution of email management has successfully managed to improve the efficiency of every organization when it comes to knowledge handling and storage for future reference. With email archiving, the emails are now stored in the central server and heavy PST files need not be saved in your local computer. This helps you save significant hard disk space which can be better utilized for other business purposes.

Document Version Control

What if you have been working on a single document for a week but want to undo the changes that have been made in the last 48 hours? You realize that the newest version is not the one you need but an old version which you do not have a saved copy of.

With the help of version control feature in the document management system, you can fetch historical data even if you do not have a saved copy of the same.

How the version control works?

The first time you save a document, the same gets saved in the DMS primary storage as a new document altogether. However, do not be under the false assumption that everytime you edit the document a new copy of the same is created. A new version of the original copy is created everytime any changes are done to the original file and you can retrieve the same at any point of time in the future.

Now if you are wondering that these new versions would eat up the storage of your central server, you are wrong! They are not downloaded until you click on the threads pointing to the different versions.

So with the help of version control, historic form of a document can be retrieved very easily. Hence, you do not need to create separate copies everytime you want to edit a particular document.

Document Scanning System

The digitization of documents is the first step towards implementing electronic document management software in an organization. The quality and age of the documents that needs to be digitized varies with every organization. For example, a newly established  firm would not have old documents in their cabinets while a 30 year old University will have stores full of old documents. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to clean these documents and store the digitized copy only after having done so.

Electronic Documentation

Does the very idea of losing your documents gives you Goosebumps? What if your documents get destroyed due to Fire, Flood or Vandalism? Even if there is no fire or flood, but due to Time, Temperature and Humidity the Paper becomes so fragile that it gets torn off when used. Are you at a loss because of the alarming rate at which Files seem to be taking over your entire office space?

Electronic document management software For every office, however big or small it may be, there is one common pain; Managing the Documents. Did it ever happen that you couldn’t find the required file before an important meeting? Or, your precious files and documents which were stored in a storage house got damaged due to water seepage, temperature or got infested by rodents! In this day and age, where information is of prime importance, managing the very root of information (the documents) becomes a task of high priority.

In this era of technology driven management, why would you want to physically store and manage your documents and then lose sleep over it? Implementing Digital Vault can be your one stop solution to all these existing woes.

Digital Vault is a smart and intuitive Document Management System that can be used to store, share, add, delete and manage all your existing documents in an electronic form. It supports all the major prevalent file formats and managing your documents was never so easy.

Digital Vault supports advanced content based searching mechanism. Use meta tags and indices to effectively search your documents instead of spending hours and hours on old record rooms behind heaps and heaps of physical documents.

The merits of Electronic Documentation are countless. However, some of them have been listed below:

Save up time, money and resources since you don’t require physical storage of the documents anymore or a storekeeper to manage them!
Searching of documents is far easier and less time consuming. All you need to do is log into Digital Vault and search for the requisite documents.
Increased security of documents.

Metadata Scanning



eta data scanning is one of the features which make an online document management system a comprehensive solution for business organizations who are trying to automate in-house procedures.

However, before we delve into what metadata scanning is, we need to understand what the term ‘metadata’ means. According to Wikipedia, the term refers to "data about data". With most information becoming digitized, it is important that metadata is added to the documents before being uploaded to the central server for future reference.

Metadata includes the means of creation of the data, purpose of the data, the date and time of creation, the author, location in the local computer and the standards used to create the same. The metadata of all the documents are stored in a database called the metadata registry which basically points or refers to the document but does not itself explain the content of the same.

It is, therefore, important scan the metadata of the documents while they are uploaded into the central repository and update the same in the metadata registry. It becomes increasingly difficult to find relevant information or documents when the number of documents in the server is extremely high. With proper metadata scanning and tagging, it becomes increasingly easier to retrieve documents with an instant click.

Content Search

The search engine integrated into a document management system is a very effective one to retrieve necessary files with ease as and when required. The documents are uploaded into the central server after proper metadata tagging and hence searching them back from the database.

The content search engine is a very effective tool in a way that it enables the user to create customized search parameters. The date and time of creation, the author or publisher, the relevant keywords and other parameters can be added so as to get the best results from the search. These customized searches can be saved as well for future use so that you do not have to create them all over again.

Records Management


Both private & public sector organizations have an ever growing concern about the liabilities coupled with improper storage and disposal of corporate & public records. Records management eases these concerns by automating the management of records in compliance with national & international standards.

Retention Policies:

Retention Policy for records includes:

Archiving policies for different document types which define the ‘active’ status for records before they are archived.
Disposal policies for setting time limits for which the records will be retained before they are disposed.
Records Management automates the storage, retention & disposal of records along with management features such as searching, indexing & several user security levels to restrict unauthorized access.

SMS integration


With the advent of SMS technology and most corporate offices providing their employees with Android/Apple phones, the integration of SMS into a document management system has become a top priority.

The integration of SMS into the DMS ensures that you get alerts in your mobile phone irrespective of where you are. To automate office procedures within the organization, workflows need to be designed which basically determine how the information/request/complaint will move across the different administration hierarchies.

For example, a salesperson raises a claim to get his local travel expenses reimbursed. Now, as per the workflow designed a notification needs to be sent to his reporting manager for approval. What if the manager is not presently in office or is not carrying a laptop with himself? He won’t be able to login to the DMS and check out if there has been any activity which requires his immediate attention. With SMS integration, he would receive an alert on his mobile immediately wherein he would be able to view the claims as well have the choice to approve or reject it.

So, with the integration of SMS the automation of office procedures become even more streamlined and smooth.

Office Automation System


Digital Vault is a complete & comprehensive Office Automation System as it enables you to automate all your business processes with utmost ease irrespective of their complexity.

With the built-in Workflow feature, you get the power of creating Workflows for your business processes in less than 5 minutes! What’s more? – You don’t require any technical or programming skills! Anyone with basic knowledge of computers can create workflows using the simple ‘drag-n-drop’ feature and can easily manage & assign tasks within a few minutes!

Consider the following scenario:

An employee wants to apply for leave. The manual process would be as follows:

The employee fills and submits a leave application form to his manager.
Manager would then review the application.
In case the manager finds some details missing, he may reject the form in which case the form is sent back to the employee. If not, the manager may approve the leave and the process ends.
Once the employee gets back the rejected form, he/she then makes the required changes and re-submits the updated form to his manager.
Now the manager may take a final decision of either approving the leave application or rejecting it. In either case the process ends here.
In the above mentioned process, manual intervention is required at 5 different places for a process as simple as a leave application.

Now the same leave application process can be fully automated using the Workflows as follows.

The employee fills and submits the application form online.
As soon as the employee submits the form, the manager can immediately take a decision of approving or rejecting it. In either case this can be done by the click of one button.
In case the manager rejects the form, the form is automatically reverted to the employee who can now make the required amendments and re-submit the form online.
Now the manager can take a final decision of approving or rejecting the application.
In the above mentioned process which makes use of the workflow, there is no movement of physical documents, no manual intervention required, the process is almost instantaneous with prompt notifications which helps speed up the entire process drastically.

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