About Us

Why choose Sandesh?

Sandesh address the needs of enterprises for a robust, secure, scalable, feature-rich messaging solution. Our product architecture is open, and our product integrates with existing messaging clients, infrastructure, and applications. We provide full-feature support of Outlook and co-exist with Exchange and any other Mail Server. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of moving messaging to Linux, while preserving the substantial investment you’ve already made in your messaging ecosystem. Our software can be ported to any Unix/Linux platform, and can be extended, localized and customized.

Our Enterprise Edition serves the needs of enterprises of all sizes, including Fortune 500.

Our Small Business Edition provides a single-server solution for small and mid-size businesses.

We have half a million mailboxes deployed over various industry verticals. Our product is the most robust Linux-based email and calendaring platform available to enterprises today.


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